Silent Ones

Silence are you who
coward from words, words
of hatred and spite. Speak up
yo who are silent,
Speak up and let it be true!
be true and bring at a end
words of spite and hated.
Silent ones who step away, and
fall into shadows of despair
grab hands with light
and shout to the heavens!
be the ones who say
the words, words of truth, hope
and make a end to the word of spite.

-Josef Edwards


You who mock me
You who make the sun go down
You who bring darkness to my eyes
You who stop the stars from shining
You who bring me back to darkest cave
You who name begins with H and A
You are the one who burns my soul
You make me fall in despair
You point and never back down
You show it all to the world who I am not am
and You never fell what it will do
You who bring the tears to my eyes.
You who fall into darkness one day but for now...
You bring down the tears of a teenager...

-Josef Edwards

Darkest Cave

Darkest Cave of which
I dwell, all is lonely and
all is Loud. Your mocking
voices penetrate my soul
and toss me back and forth

Darkest Cave of which
I dwell, here me well!
Your meager darkness
will never penetrate my
inside light!

Darkest Cave of which
I dwell, my light will destroy
you and lead me back
to the light from the sky

Darkest Cave of which
I dwell, all your voices
will be silenced, from light
from above will shine on

Darkest Cave of which
I dwell, I dwell in you
no longer in you, I dwell
in heavenly light
up and beyond your mouth
and gone from your dark bowels

Darkest Cave of which
I Use to dwell, I'm free in
heavenly light forevermore

-Josef Edwards


To voice of a Teenager. I started this blog out of boredom but also because I had a few poems lying around that I wanted to show on my blog and see how they do.... Well the first one on here should be posted on here in a few minutes of this post so... enjoy!!!

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