Chapter 1: The Beginning of The Beginning

Hello my name is Josef, a 14 year old boy that, as the others, has a beginning. I was born, but that is not where this story begins. Forward 13 years is when everything really begins. The rest of those years were rays of sunshine and occasional cloud of sadness or despair of memory. But maybe one I'll say what those clouds and rays of sunshine were, but for now it is these 2 years that I will say in these pages.
My life isn't that of abnormality or full of despair and a blink future with a sad ending. Or that of brilliance but just that, a regular life with a teenage storm over it perhaps. I have small talents perhaps but it isn't that of which will bring streams of tears to your eyes or shake the world's foundation. Then who am I you ask? I guess I am a normal person with a little more clouds over me. But with this I am like most of you, just a average kid who wants to show the world who I am.
Not to be looked down upon but to show that even though I am not the brilliant prodigy of the world I can still have a voice. And now to note that humans are never same like the other, everyone is different in some. And this is what I'll tell of my short life here on earth. That even though I was normal I still would find myself different, for out the darkness of uncertainty of how the world was made or who I was, I would find God in the midst of it all. This is probably all confusing to you on how this happen, so I will flash back 2 years ago when memory began to have a reason a feeling and a story to tell...

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