Poetry: The Solider's Friend

Everyday they come for awhile and say friend, hold a wave and show their smile, then leave once again. The sun has taken them whole and deliver to lands long away. Forlorn am I when each one saids their choices of the road of the solider. As they move away from the land we all met I move myself away even further. My path is opposite to theirs and so I look back to steal a glance of the sun beaten path they toked. The rough road a solider they stand and go. And I, I took the lonely road to write their stories. The ones that say friend and fight for me, I shall write for them.

-Josef Edwards

Author's Note:
I choose to write this poem because a lot of my friends are thinking, or have, joined the marines or airforce. I seem to be the only one out of the whole bunch not wanting to join the army so I felt like I was on a lonely road. But they were my friends so if anything should happen to them on that "solider's Road" then I will make sure to write in memory for them.

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