Can't Say I Changed One Bit

no sir, can't say I have...
not a lick, not even a
bit. I feel same old,
same out.

Can't say I changed,
none, zip, nada. Yup,
not even the cloths
have left their place.

Many paths I've taken,
but everything is
an infinite loop...
going back to origins pass...

check the stain, all the same;
check the lines, still not entwined;
check the leaves, they haven't flown away.
nope, not one spec has changed so. But

time has come, it is time to go.
tic toc, what is that, another
wail has come...

I leave,
I find,
I take,
I leave...
ad infinitum.

same old black,
same old night,
same old reaper has come tonight,

now sir it is time for flight!
same old wind,
same old cry,
same old, same out...

Sure as dawn, I can't
say I changed tonight.

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